NYU Stern has announced two new one-year MBA programs in addition to its full-time MBA program: the Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA, which will be full-time programs devoted to preparing students to enter industries of interest post-graduation.

Each program will consist of a business core, a technology or fashion and luxury core, experiential learning projects with real-world organizations, as well as electives. Each program will enroll around 30 students in the first intake in May 2018. These programs may be a great option for you if you are trying to build your business credentials, and break into the tech, or fashion and luxury space.

Tech MBA

Tech MBA students will be exposed to all of the core areas that they need to rise through the ranks to a management or senior management position in a technology firm. Tech MBA students will focus on the following business and tech core areas during their studies:

Business Core   

Leadership Corporate Finance
Economics Managerial Accounting
Marketing Strategy
Business Communication Professional Responsibility

Tech Core

Business Analytics Tech Product Management
Dealing with Data Evolution of Technology Industries
Software Engineering Networks and the World Wide Web
Emerging Technologies

The Tech MBA will specifically prepare students to advance into functional areas like Product Management, or industries like FinTech and Tech Entrepreneurship. Tech MBA students will be well-positioned to enter one of New York’s many tech startups, or relocate to a different tech hub, like Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh or Chicago.

Fashion & Luxury MBA

Fashion & Luxury MBA students will be exposed to all of the core areas that they need to enter the world of fashion and luxury from the business-side. Students will be exposed to both a business and fashion and luxury core, which NYU describes as follows:

Business Core

Leadership Economics Strategy
Marketing Corporate Finance Business Communication
Statistics Financial Planning & Analysis Professional & Corporate Social Responsibility

Fashion & Luxury Core

Retail Analytics Retail Operations & Merchandising
Consumer Behavior Pricing
Retail Strategy Luxury Marketing
E-Commerce Strategy Next Gen Fashion

Students will complete real-world projects through Stern’s Fashion Lab, and be positioned to enter functional roles like analytics, account management, brand management or retail strategy.

A Strong and Affordable Option for Students with Focus

Given that most MBA programs in America are two-year programs, these new programs offered by NYU Stern may be an outstanding option for students who know exactly the type of career path they want to pursue. If you are trying to pivot into the tech or luxury industries, completing one of these highly targeted MBAs may be exactly what you need to hone your business skills, and demonstrate your commitment to developing in your target field.

If you are still in the process of choosing schools and programs that will help move you forward towards your career goals, but aren’t sure whether a traditional two-year MBA program or a newer one-year program would be a better fit, feel free to reach out to us at Info@TranscendAdmissions.com. We have been successful in helping many outstanding young professionals take the next step in their careers, and would be happy to chat with you about how to take the next step, also.