Start to Finish Consulting


Getting into an elite law school is more competitive than ever.

Every part of the application—resume, essays, recommendation letters, application, and interview—must play a pivotal role in convincing the admissions committee that you are highly motivated to enter the field of law.  We can help you choose the program that best suits your learning and career goals and then plan and execute an application strategy that will help you clearly market your unique abilities to the admissions committee.

It takes a lot of hard work to gain admission into a top law school, and rest assured that we at Transcend Admissions Consultants are ready to roll up our sleeves to assist motivated clients to perfectly execute the long and challenging application process.  The complete consulting package covers everything you’ll need – and we’ll have your back from ‘start-to-finish.’


What is Included in our Start-to-Finish Consulting Package?


  • Client background discussion
  • Business school selection
  • Application strategy
  • Letter of recommendation support

Essay Development

  • Essay question analysis
  • Idea generation
  • Outlining


  • Essays
  • Resume/CV
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Online application content


  • Preparation materials and tips
  • Mock interview


  • Waitlist support (if necessary)
  • General support to answer your application-related questions


Essay Development Package

Generating powerful ideas for tricky essay questions and structuring your answers in an easy to understand way is the most challenging and time-consuming part of the Law admissions process.

An in-depth discussion with one of our experienced consultants can help you ‘discover’ ideas that can be blended into well-organized and persuasive essays. After a thorough brainstorming session, your consultant will organize your ideas into an easy-to-follow outline from which you can base your essay drafts on. After your essay drafts take shape we then start our typical deep-dive Essay Analysis & Editing process.

This service is perfect for people who are having trouble generating ideas that match the essay questions, or have too many ideas and are unable to prioritize and are facing a time crunch as the deadlines approach.

What is Included in Our Essay Development Package?

  • One (1) 90-minute essay question analysis and ideas brainstorming session per school
  • Essay outlining
  • Essay Editing
  • Email support to answer essay-related questions

Essay Analysis & Editing

The admissions committee wants to evaluate your ability to deliver a clear and direct written statement which is so critical to success in law school. 

The essays provide a stage for you to display your ability to write persuasively – with you as the subject – and can truly ‘make-or-break’ your application.  After reading your essay the admissions committee must conclude that you have the maturity, motivation and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in this profession. Our team of talented editors will do much more than make cosmetic changes to grammar and punctuation.

We carefully analyze essays paying close attention to ideas, logic, persuasiveness, and how well writers market themselves.  We then deeply edit the essays and provide in-depth comments instructing the writer on how to improve points of weakness.  In the end, the essays will tell a more compelling story about why you want to become an attorney, be more personal, and get the attention of the admissions office.

Essay Editing & Analysis (Per School)

1 School

NTD 13,500

(USD $450)

2 Schools

NTD 22,500

(USD $755)

3 Schools

NTD 31, 000

(USD $1,040)

4 Schools

NTD 39,000

(USD $1,310)

5 Schools

NTD 47,000

(USD $1,575)

6 Schools

NTD 54,000

(USD $1,810)

7 Schools

NTD 60,000

(USD $2,015)

8 Schools

NTD 65,000

(USD $2,180)

Essay Editing & Analysis (Per Essay)

0 - 300 Words


(USD $79)

301 - 600 Words


(USD $139)

601 - 900 Words


(USD $169)

901 - 1200 Words


(USD $199)

1201 - 1500 Words


(USD $299)

1501 - 2000 Words


(USD $269)

2001 - 2500 Words


(USD $299)

2501 - 3000 Words


(USD $329)

Resume Editing

Your resume will make the first impression with the admissions committee and it will also be used when interviewers review your profile, and you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Law schools are looking for high achievers who have made an impact throughout their experiences.  Since you can’t mention everything in your essays, the resume is critical helping the admissions committee understand your background and key experiences.  You’ll need a sparking resume to grab the reader’s attention and to give them a clear, holistic perspective of who you are before they review the rest of your application.  Besides polishing your resume content, we’ll give you tips on how to make your resume more specific, focused, and ‘results-oriented.’

Purchase Resume Editing Services


(USD $125)

Interview Preparation

Are You Ready to Answer the Tough Questions During Your Interview?

“So, why exactly do you need an LLM?”  “Tell me about your most important accomplishment.”  “What do you expect to be doing in 15-years?” Are you ready to answer these and the many other extremely personal and difficult law school interview questions?  Even for the most gifted communicator it takes lot of practice to deliver a great story and to answer the questions in the most compelling way. Our consultants understand the motivations behind these questions and can help you craft responses that will allow the interviewer to clearly understand your strengths and motivations for getting this degree. Each mock interview will include the following:

Realistic setting:  You will be asked the most important Law School interview questions and we will challenge you by asking likely follow-up questions.

Feedback:  You will provide detailed feedback for each question to improve the structure and content of your answers.

Adapting your Story:  We teach you how to adapt stories to fit different questions to ensure that your best stories make the biggest impact.

Connecting with your interviewer:  Learn how to make a connection with the interviewer by asking good ques tions and using appropriate body language.

1 Mock Interview


(USD $135)

2 Mock Interviews


(USD $129)

3 Mock Interviews


(USD $335)

Recommendation Letters

If your recommender would like assistance in polishing their statement in support of your application, we would be more than happy to assist them. 


If your recommender would like assistance in polishing their statement in support of your application, we would be more than happy to assist them.  We take the approach that every recommendation letter must be tailored to the applicant’s specific experiences and strengths.  Our editors will help your recommender fully explain your main aptitudes, specific success stories during your tenure, and a sense of the core values that drive you.  We will also carefully analyze the content and provide comments about possible areas of improvement.

1 Letter


(USD $129)

2 Letters


(USD $259)

3 Letters


(USD $389)

4 Letters


(USD $485)

5 Letters


(USD $579)

6 Letters


(USD $679)

7 Letters


(USD $739)

8 Letters


(USD $809)

9 Letters


(USD $869)

10 Letters


(USD $935)

11 Letters


(USD $999)

12 Letters


(USD $1,065)