Mission & Methodology

Business-team-working-togetherTranscend Admissions Consultants is a consultancy focused on providing aspiring college and graduate students with strategic advice on the most effective way to complete the application package as they seek admission to leading global colleges and universities.  All of our consultants and editors are native English speakers that are also fluent in Chinese and have studied at prestigious colleges and universities in the United States.  Our deep understanding of the education system in the United States and beyond is complemented by our Chinese language skills and cultural understanding which allow us to catch common mistakes made by native Chinese speakers when writing and speaking in English.

We take a comprehensive and tailored approach to admissions consulting.  Unlike most consultancies in Asia that provide limited client support, we help clients carefully plan an application strategy and generate unique ideas in the front-end of the application process, and then leverage our advanced writing abilities to help clients polish application materials that will make a strong connection with the reader.  The strength of our approach is our mentorship — we provide a solid framework for clients to work from which empowers them to create clear and impactful messages that speak directly to the admissions committee at their target schools.