Cover Letter Editing


#1: Upload Your Cover Letter & Any Additional Relevant Documents

In the event that you have additional documents relevant to your cover letter, or which would help to explain your background, please upload them here.

#2: Checkout


Cover Letter Editing

Words Price
0 – 600 $119 | NT$3,500
601 – 1200 $189 | NT$5,600

Service Policies

  • This service includes two edits per cover letter. After you submit the first draft for us to edit, we will return it to you within three business days (starting the next business day after we receive the documents). You can send the letter back to us for final polish anytime.
  • The turnaround time is three business days starting the next business day after we receive the document.
  • We will add our edits using the Microsoft Word “track changes” function and provide our advice about how to improve the recommendation letter using the “comment” function.