Essay Analysis & Editing – Per Essay


Your ability to deliver a clear and direct written statement is critical to success in law school.
After reading your essay the admissions committee must conclude that you have the maturity, motivation and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in this profession. Our team of talented editors will analyze essays paying close attention to ideas, logic, persuasiveness, and how well writers market themselves. We then deeply edit the essays and provide in-depth comments instructing the writer on how to improve points of weakness. In the end, the essays will tell a more compelling story about why you want to become an attorney.

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Essay Analysis & Editing – Single Essays

Words Price
0 – 300 $79 | NT$2,500
301 – 600 $139 | NT$4,300
601 – 900 $169 |NT$5,200
901 – 1200 $199 | NT$6,200
1201 – 1500 $229 |NT$7,100
1501 – 2000 $269 |NT$8,300
2001 – 2500 $299 |NT$9,300
2501 – 3000 $329 | NT$10,200

Service Policies

  • This service is for single essays only.  Please see the Essay Analysis & Editing – Per School  chart above for editing sets of essays.
  • This service includes two edits per essay. After you submit the first draft for us to edit, we will return it to you within three business days (starting the next business day after we receive the documents). You can send the essays back to us for final polish anytime, but the essays must not exceed the stated word limit by more than 5%.
  • The turnaround time is three business days starting the next business day after we receive the document.
  • Make sure you submit the essay questions and any essay word/length limits when you submit the documents.
  • We will add our edits using the Microsoft Word “track changes” function and provide our advice about how to improve the essay using the “comment” function.


本服務僅提供單一短文之潤稿。若您需要多份短文的潤稿,請參閱上列 ” Essay Analysis & Editing – Per School chart.”

請注意: 本項服務就每篇短文提供兩次潤稿。當您把初稿提供我們後,我們會在三個營業日完成潤稿並回覆給您, 

請注意: 我們係利用微軟Word “追蹤修訂” 的功能來標記我們的潤飾,並利用”註解”功能提供我們對於該短文的修改建議。 

請注意: 我們收到您的文件後,將於三個營業日內(從收到您文件的次營業日起算)回覆您。