Interview Preparation:

“So, why exactly do you need a MBA?”  “Tell me about a difficult challenge you overcame at work.”  “What do you expect to be doing in 15-years?” Are you ready to answer these and the many other extremely personal and difficult MBA interview questions?  Even for the most gifted communicator it takes lot of practice to deliver a great story and to answer the questions in the most compelling way. Our consultants understand the motivations behind these questions and can help you craft responses that will allow the interviewer to clearly understand your strengths and motivations for getting an MBA. 

Each mock interview will include the following: 

Realistic setting:  You will be asked the most important MBA school interview questions and we will challenge you by asking likely follow-up questions. 

Feedback:  You will provide detailed feedback for each question to improve the structure and content of your answers. 

Adapting your Story:  We teach you how to adapt stories to fit different questions to ensure that your best stories make the biggest impact. 

Connecting with your interviewer:  Learn how to make a connection with the interviewer by asking good questions and using appropriate body language. 

Interview Price
1 session NTD4,000 ($135)
2 sessions NTD7,500 ($250)
3 sessions NTD10,000 ($335)



Service Policies

  • Each mock interview session will last approximately 75 minutes.
  • Mock Interviews can be conducted via Skype or face-to-face in Taipei depending on the availability of our consultants.



請注意: 模擬面試將透過Skype或在台北以面對面方式進行,由我們的顧問團隊依其所在或視情況定之。