Recommendation Letter Editing


If your recommender would like assistance in polishing their statement in support of your application, we can assist them.

We take the approach that every recommendation letter must be tailored to the applicant’s specific experiences and strengths. Our editors will help your recommender fully explain your main aptitudes, specific success stories during your tenure, and a sense of the core values that drive you.


Choose the Correct Number of Letters Below


Letters Price
1 Letter $129 | NT$4,000
2 Letters $259 | NT$8,000
3 Letters $389 |NT$12,000
4 Letters $485 | NT$15,000
5 Letters $579 |NT$18,000
6 Letters $679 |NT$21,000
7 Letters $739 |NT$23,000
8 Letters $809 | NT$25,000
9 Letters $869 | NT$27,000
10 Letters $935 | NT$29,000
11 Letters $999 | NT$31,000
12 Letters $1065 | NT$33,000

Service Policies

  • This service includes two edits per recommendation letter.
  • The turnaround is three business days after starting the business day after we receive the document.
  • We will add our edits using Microsoft Track Changes, and provide our advice about how to improve the recommendation letter using the “comments” function.
  • When you upload the document, please ensure you include any questions the recommender must answer, or relevant word or character limits.