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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right?  Your resume will make the first impression with the admissions committee and it will also be used when interviewers review your profile. With MBA essay word limits getting shorter-and-shorter each year, the resume has become even more critical to helping the admissions committee understand your background and key experiences.  You’ll need a sparking resume to grab the reader’s attention and to give them a clear, holistic perspective of who you are before they review the rest of your application. MBA admissions committees are looking for high achievers who have made an impact at work and throughout their experiences.  Besides polishing your resume content, we’ll give you tips on how to make your resume more specific, focused, and ‘results-oriented.’

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  • This service includes two edits per resume.  After you submit the first draft for us to edit, we will return it to you within three business days and then you can send it back to us for final polish anytime within two weeks.
  • The turnaround time is three business days starting the business day after we receive the document.
  • If requested, we will help you eliminate content so that the resume fits into one page – but the original resume must be no longer than two pages.
  • We will add our edits using the Microsoft Word track changes function and provide our advice about how to improve the essay using the comment function.



請注意: 我們係利用微軟Word “追蹤修訂” 的功能來標記我們的潤飾,並利用”註解”功能提供我們對於該短文的修改建議。 

請注意: 我們收到您的文件後,將於三個營業日內(從收到您文件的次營業日起算)回覆您。 

請注意: 我們會依您指示將您的履歷篇幅縮短為一頁,但您所提供的履歷初稿最長不應超過兩頁。

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