Cover Letter Editing

Our experience tells us that job seekers often fail to spend adequate time tailoring their job application materials to their target employers.

As if the admissions process at top universities is not difficult enough, after completing your education, you must enter an even more competitive process: searching for jobs at top global companies. In many cases job seekers do not understand the purpose of a cover letter – and write letters that simply regurgitate basic information already contained in their resumes that does not add value to their employment applications. This wastes a tremendous opportunity to shed light on the most relevant and interesting aspects of their backgrounds and to persuade the company’s hiring executives that they are the right person for the job that can excel in their organization. Just like a personal statement essay for graduate school, the cover letter is a chance to explain they key skills the job applicant possesses, to highlight their most important past leadership experiences, and to persuade the reader that they are a perfect fit for the job. Our cover letter editing can help you tailor a powerful message that will resonate in the mind of the reader and greatly increase your chances of landing a precious job interview.

Cover Letter Editing

0-600 WORDS – NTD 3,500 (USD $119)
601-1200 WORDS – NTD 5,600 (USD $189)

Resume (2 Pages Maximum)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right?

Your resume will make the first impression with the admissions committee and it will also be used when interviewers review your profile.


NTD 3,500 (USD $119)

Cover Letter Strategy and Outlining Service

Need help generating ideas?

Is your cover letter unorganized and uninspiring? A one-on-one strategy and outlining session with one of our experienced consultants can help you generate interesting ideas and give you a solid structure that will result in a memorable and persuasive cover letter.

Strategy / outlining session (approx. 75-minutes)

NTD 3,500 (USD $119)

Strategy session + cover letter editing (0-600 words)

NTD 7,300 (USD $245)

Strategy session + cover letter editing (601-1,200 words) (-5%)

NTD 8,600 (USD $289)

Strategy session + cover letter editing (0-600 words) + resume editing (-5%)

NTD 10,200 (USD $339)

Strategy session + cover letter editing (601-1,200 words) + resume editing (-5%)

NTD 11,500 (USD $385)

Interview Preparation

Are You Ready to Answer the Tough Questions During Your Interview?

“So, why are you interested in entering our company?” “Tell me about a difficult challenge you overcame during your career.”  “What have you learned in the past that makes you a good fit for this job?”

Even for the most gifted communicator it takes lot of practice to deliver a great story and to answer the questions in the most compelling way. Our consultants understand the motivations behind these questions and can help you craft responses that will allow the interviewer to clearly understand your strengths and motivations for applying to their company.


1 Mock Interview

NTD 4,000 (USD $135)

2 Mock Interviews

NTD 7,500 (USD $250)

3 Mock Interviews

NTD 10,000 (USD $335)