Michigan (Ross) MBA Success Story

Hi David,  I’m in at Michigan Ross MBA!!  After a long and grueling application process — this feels like a dream!

I cannot imagine achieving this great success without your help.  Thanks very much for the professional consulting services you provided as I was applying to MBA programs.  Looking back, I feel that the advice you provided regarding application strategy and how to market myself was very solid.  The essay brainstorming sessions really helped me organize my ideas and much more quickly produce high quality essays.  The quality of the final essay drafts was outstanding and I really appreciate that you worked weekends and on holidays to complete my requests so that I could submit my applications within a tight schedule.  And of course the interview course you held and the one-on-one interview strategy session we had really helped build my confidence and definitely took my interviewing ability to the next level.  I was really prepared when I met the alumni interviewer, and the results speak for themselves!
Michigan (Ross) MBA Admit

Tuck & Darden MBA Success Story

This email is to express my gratitude to Transcend Admissions Consultants for the service I was provided. I was admitted to 2 of the 3 programs (and waitlisted at 1) that I applied to, including my top 2 choices — Dartmouth (Tuck) and Virginia (Darden)!  I started the MBA application process just before the Round 1 deadlines, and I was really worried that I did not have adequate time to create strong application materials and I had no idea how I could make my application stand different from others in order to get into top MBA programs.

The major difference my consultant made was helping me devise a strategy that stressed the impact I had made and why these key experiences were meaningful to me.  By brainstorming together we were able to craft very persuasive essays that let the admissions committee clearly see m strengths, uniqueness and core values.  The mock interview also gave me a lot of ideas about how I could sell myself, and really helped me perform confidently during my MBA interviews.  My consultant has made an invaluable contribution to my MBA admission process and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to apply to a top MBA program.

Dartmouth (Tuck) & University of Virginia (Darden) MBA Admit

INSEAD MBA Success Story

I was initially attracted to Transcend Admissions Consultants because of their reputation for providing very high quality essay editing — but I quickly learned that it is much more than an essay editing service.  My consultant made me feel that he was really dedicated to helping me succeed and took extra time to guide me through each step of the application process.

I thought the beginning stage where we discussed ideas and planned a strategy was a critical part of my successful application to INSEAD.  My consultant spent a lot of time discussing my experiences and helping me understand how I could convince the INSEAD Admissions Committee that I was a good fit for the program and that my goals were achievable.

And of course I was so impressed by the editing service. I would describe the changes that were made to my goal essay to Cinderella’s glass slipper — turning a pleb into a royal!  At first I was very concerned about how to logically explain my long-term goal, but with some delicate editing those problems were easily dissolved!  A major requirement I had was creating essays that captured my personality and style while making me seem more professional.  I was very impressed how the editing helped me to express meanings and logic more concisely and powerfully. The tone became different as well — more formal and mature.

Basically, I got exactly what I wanted from my consultant, as he always helped me tailor my message to what the Admissions Committee at INSEAD would be looking for.  Thanks for the outstanding effort Transcend Admissions Consultants put into my application.


Rice MBA Success Story

Hello David — I finally and fortunately have some good news to share with you: I received an admission from the Rice University full-time MBA program with a full scholarship!

As you know Rice was not my top choice, but considering my comparatively weak academic performance at a second-tier university and work experience limited to my family business I think it is quite amazing that I was able to get so many interview invitations and admission into a top 25 MBA program!

Thanks a lot for all the support you have given me over the last couple months, especially your professional editing and strategy advice.  I had already edited each essay draft I sent to you many times, but somehow you always made extensive changes in a surprisingly short time which made the essays much more personal and readable.  I always appreciated that you maintained my original ideas and tone while making the essays much more clear and persuasive. Sometimes, it seemed like you know me better than I knew myself!  I would use the Chinese phrase “你是天生吃這行飯的” to describe you, as I think you were born to be a great consultant!

Thanks again for all your support — I couldn’t have done this without your help.

Best regards,

Rice (Jones) MBA admit

USC MBA Success Story

I would like to provide an update of my current status.  

I have been admitted to the USC One-Year MBA program with a generous scholarship of $50,000! This scholarship greatly increases my ROI and I am likely to accept. Though I was waitlisted by the MIT Sloan Fellows program, I think that I will go to USC no matter what MIT’s final decision is.

I would like to thank you for the high quality and efficient service you delivered over the last couple months.  I first got in touch with Transcend Admissions in early January which I know is the busiest time of the year in the admissions business.  At that time I really wasn’t sure if I could meet the first deadline which was only one week away.

During the preparation of the MBA application, I not only was able to submit the application in time, but the essays were far better than I expected.  I was really impressed the way you took my stories and made them much more interesting and compelling. And I was always very impressed by how quickly the editing turnaround time was. Moreover, the mock interview helped me to address the questions much more professionally during real interview with MBA Admission Committee. 

Thanks again for making my MBA dream a reality.  I will certainly recommend Transcend Admissions to other prospective MBA candidates in the future!


USC (Marshall) MBA Admit